PLACE: Drøbak, Norway
AREA: 2.000 m2
YEAR: 2021
CLIENT: Museene i Akershus (MiA)
TYPE: Museum and workshop
STATUS: Open international competition, proposal
TEAM: Audun Hellemo/Kristin Jahr Hilde

SCALE (small>large)
STATUS (idea>built)

Proposal for a new workshop building for the outdoor museum in Drøbak. Showcasing building techniques and history of construction, the new workshop building is itself a sign, announcing the museum and its activities from the entrance area using the closed facade as a display of a variety of building principles. The current museum consists of a large number of historic buildings scattered around the museum grounds with no clear structure or hierarchy. Adapting the historic «tun» typology, the new building provides active facilities opening up to the new public spaces created between new and existing building.  




The modern museum complex is an assemblage of historic building patterns and techniques that embodies the activities on the site. The «long house» where functions are stacked next to each other developed, with new building techniques, into the «tun» – small buildings centered around a common outdoor area.

The open facade invites visitors to observe and participate in the different activities on the museum grounds.

Conceptually the different programs with different spatial requirements are stacked next to each other, with closed and noisy activities facing towards the sign facade, and the open activities engaging the visitors are facing the new public space.

As a filter between the indoor spaces and the active public outdoor space, the building celebrates the traditional svalgang - the external corridor connecting spaces, providing shelter and functioning as a social in-between space that extends the internal spaces.

The facade represents both the programmatic variations and the different techniques used in and around the building.

View from hot workshop looking out to covered outdoor work space

The appearance of the building from the entrance is in itself a giant sign