We are oppopp.
thorough experience and naive enthusiasm.
big and small.
Simple and complex.
serious and fun.

Established in 2021, oppopp is reuniting the creative forces that shaped our architectural vision back in the student days in Trondheim; an inspirational working environment, pushing each other to achieve excellence, having fun.

We are still as committed to engage and involve; seeing the importance of the collaborative process to realize ambitious and innovative projects. Using our extensive experience - from small interiors to complex masterplans - to ask the right questions, we work both strategically and passionately to improve our common built environment.

We have a special interest in the interface between architecture and the city, and always look to projects where a building's relationship to a wider, cultural, social and urban context can be explored and challenged.

We facilitate inclusive and inspiring processes where each projects's potential is mapped and analyzed and use this knowledge to establish success factors for unexpected, exciting solutions. As a small, flexible player with a large network, we constantly look for collaborators that share our ambitions, enjoy challenges and are up for being challenged.

oppopp har sentral godkjenning for arkitekturprosjektering og ansvarlig søker i tiltaksklasse 2