PLACE: Brønnøya, Norway
AREA: 70 m2
YEAR: 2021-
CLIENT: Private client
TYPE: Cabin
STATUS: Building permit pending
TEAM: Kristin Jahr Hilde/Audun Hellemo

SCALE (small>large)
STATUS (idea>built)

Cabin for private client on the Brønnøya island outside Oslo. To maximize the experience of the site, the proposed cabin sits in the middle of the slope that defines most of the property. Using the stepped building as a mediator between the upper and the lower levels, the building creates a new connection between outdoor areas with different characteristics, the openness and the views, the forest and filtered light.

The site is in a slope in the forest – open in the winter, and intimate in the summer

Study models and sketches from the process testing different approaches to building in the falling terrain

Facade facing west


Model studies

Cross section