PLACE: Fetsund, Norway
AREA: 5.900 m2
YEAR: 2020
CLIENT: Museene i Akershus (MiA)
TYPE: Museum
STATUS: Open international competition, proposal
TEAM: Audun Hellemo/Kristin Hilde, Silvia Diaconu/Sorin Pasargiu (Fly Collective)
RENDERS: Sorin Pasargiu/Dragonfly3da

SCALE (small>large)
STATUS (idea>built)

Proposal for a new museum for the Fetsund Lenser, a museum celebrating the timber floating industry and the surrounding wetlands. Instead of one new large building, the museum connects to the walking path both on land and water – using the movement in the area as a starting point for spatial organization and experience. The deconstructed layout resembles both the fragmented museum complex as a whole, as well as the accidental formation of timber logs floating down the river. In between spaces for movement and outdoor exhibitions appear, turning the movement of visitors, staff and surroundings into a greater whole. 

The existing bridges and paths is the starting point for the movement into and around the new museum.

The different parts of the program are placed in individual «logs»; the experience of the museum is the movement between.

The deconstructed plan facilitates a variety of uses and experiences. Due to its outdoor/indoor concept, a visit in winter and summer will be different experiences. 

In the same way, different parts of the museum can be closed off and used separately for different occasions such as events, conferences and research.

The scale of the new building is respectful to both neighbors and the fragile natural surroundings. The open structure allows the landscape to float effortlessly between, under and over the new building volumes.